Terms & Conditions of Sales

For the health and safety of our customers we only sell brand new, never worn High Quality Body Jewellery. We do not re-use or re-sell pre-worn jewellery. As Body Jewellery is worn in the body/is in close contact to the body, it is considered contaminated the second it has left the store/been worn. We CANNOT refund or exchange any piece of jewellery! So PLEASE be very careful when making your purchase, ensuring that you have the size, gauge, length/diameter and style of jewellery correct. We have put together a "Users Guide" to help you out, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at broadwaytattoosyd@gmail.com. In the unlikelihood of a manufactures defect with the piece of jewellery your order, we will offer a free replacement of the exact same piece of jewellery purchased. The defect piece of jewellery will need to be returned to us (at the expense of the customer) before the replacement piece is shipped out.